Panoramic X-rays or orthopantomograms are high-tech images that show a wraparound visual of the patient’s facial structures and teeth. These images are used in dentistry to expose the underlying structure of the mouth and surrounding structures including wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted, signs of cavities that are not yet visible, sinuses, and fractures of bone loss that may not be easy to see without this type of technology. The panoramic x-ray gives the dentist a two-dimensional map of the patient’s upper and lower jaw along with the sinuses that allows for detailed treatment planning that simply is not possible using other devices that are currently on the market. As a diagnostic instrument, Panoramic X-Rays provide unparalleled value for planning treatment.

Using this technology, we are able to expose patients to lower levels of radiation than what’s emitted by traditional x-ray machines. And panoramic imagery is performed externally. Unlike traditional bitewing x-rays, the panoramic image is taken from a position outside of the mouth (film placement inside the mouth is not necessary) using a machine that rotates around the patient’s head. This type of x-ray only needs to be taken once every few years, as-needed to examine the sinus cavities, temporomandibular joints, jawbone, and other structures that are otherwise not visible to the naked eye.

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