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Using Teeth as a Toxin Time Machine


What Science Reveals About Teeth Affected by Toxins Can Tell Us Today Recent research efforts aimed at understanding Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases have led scientists to a newly discovered recording device: your natural teeth. Both US and Australian researchers studying neurodegeneration have discovered that improved biomarker and imaging technology now allows experts to inspect someone’s [...]

Using Teeth as a Toxin Time Machine2015-12-22T19:24:32+00:00

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure


Prevention is worth a pound of cure is a quote with words of wisdom for your oral health. Benjamin Franklin once famously said that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Our team at Eureka Dental Group in Roseville, CA firmly believes that our role in blogs is not only to introduce [...]

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure2015-11-17T21:57:56+00:00

7 Candy Rules for Halloween


You really have to be serious when there are candy rules for Halloween Although California weather may suggest differently, the seasons are changing! In just a couple of weeks you will head out throughout the neighborhood clutching the hand of your very own Elsa or Batman and watch as your children ring door after door [...]

7 Candy Rules for Halloween2015-10-19T22:21:03+00:00

Secrets of Toothpaste


Secrets of Toothpaste Now that the kids are back in school, the routine of each morning and evening begins to take shape in your household. We wake up every morning and clamor to get ready, head out the door to work, drop kids off at school, and then come home after our day while trying [...]

Secrets of Toothpaste2015-09-18T19:28:09+00:00

Daily Tips and Foods to Maximize Your Oral Health


With our daily tips you will be keeping teeth white and healthy. At dental practices across the globe, too often we see patients when crisis hits. But at Eureka Dental Group, we work tirelessly to change the role of dental care from the dreaded painful experience to a field of prevention. So, we have the [...]

Daily Tips and Foods to Maximize Your Oral Health2015-08-18T04:22:09+00:00

Time to Party


Impact of alcohol on oral health Now that tailgate parties have resumed and all is right in the world, it’s time for the Eureka Dental Group team to keep our patients educated. We love to share information about revolutionary dental advancements on the horizon, but our favorite responsibility is to help you understand how everyday [...]

Time to Party2015-07-13T17:51:58+00:00

Electronic Cigarette. A safe alternative? Not so fast.


Electronic Cigarette Safe or Hazard One of the fastest growing habits in America is also a cause for concern. Electronic cigarettes have exploded into the consumer market, offering what manufacturers and advertisers claim is a “safe” alternative to conventional tobacco use. The latest data indicate that 20.1% of adult smokers tried e-cigarettes in 2011, and [...]

Electronic Cigarette. A safe alternative? Not so fast.2015-06-25T07:24:57+00:00

The Impact of Wisdom Teeth


What do we know about the wisdom teeth? Long ago, our ancestors enjoyed a distinctly different diet and lifestyle than we do today. The evolution of our bodies and bone structure reflect the gradual changing environment we live in. One remnant of our past is the third molar, more commonly referred to as a “wisdom” [...]

The Impact of Wisdom Teeth2020-07-02T08:38:50+00:00

Dental researchers discover stem cell breakthrough


Discovering Dental Stem Cell Research Our team at Eureka Dental Group is known for industry-leading technology and techniques. In order to provide our patients with the most advanced dental care in the region, we stay current with exciting research within our field. Our hope is to follow the science from breakthrough to clinical trials, and [...]

Dental researchers discover stem cell breakthrough2015-04-22T18:36:45+00:00

Tips for Oral Care During Pregnancy


Understanding oral care during pregnancy can and will impact your life. One of the greatest (and most challenging) times in a woman’s life is pregnancy. As our female patients and team members know, a woman’s body goes through dramatic changes during the course of a pregnancy. Understanding how these changes will impact your mouth can [...]

Tips for Oral Care During Pregnancy2015-03-16T19:18:50+00:00
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