An essential aspect of your whole health involves the maintenance of your oral health. Along with proper hygiene, selecting an excellent dental practitioner is vital to the upkeep of your wellness. However, what differentiates “an excellent dental practitioner” from others?

Eureka Dental expands on the definition of excellent dentistry. When planning the construction of our practice, we focused on:

  • Providing uncompromising patient service
  • Using the latest research between the medical links between whole body and oral health
  • Aligning the goals of our team of dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, and front office staff
  • Utilizing modern dental technologies and methodologies to benefit patient outcomes

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First-Class Cosmetic Dentistry Sacramento

Eureka Dental Group has an expertly trained dental team that understands all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. By understanding the natural artistry of the human smile and the science of modern dentistry, we differentiate ourselves from competing dentists.

The field of cosmetic dentistry has grown immensely over the past two decades. One danger that has occurred with this growth involves safety. We always use:

  • Verified methods of teeth whitening & professional-grade whiteners
  • High-grade porcelains for implants, veneers, crowns, inlays and on lays
  • Tooth-colored fillings (for patients desiring the most natural appearance)

Many dentists offer “cosmetic dental procedures”. Nevertheless, few offer the expertise of our dental team. Before moving ahead with any cosmetic dental treatment, we conduct comprehensive consultations with every patient to ensure they arrive at the results they are seeking.


In times past, tooth loss was a devastating predicament resulting in unsightly gaps, gum recession, and typically lead to dentures. Our team is proficient in using modern dental implant technologies, which can replace one or multiple missing teeth. We also feature total teeth replacement in the upper or lower arch via the use of all-on-four implants. Two significant benefits of dental implants are how they mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth. Implants are currently the gold standard of tooth replacement treatments.

Pain-Free Dentistry

Do you suffer from anxiety when you have a dental appointment? You are not alone if that is the case. Many people feel slight to moderate apprehension during their dental visit. Even if your situation is a bit more than most, we have solutions to help you. At our Sacramento office we feature several types methods and techniques that significantly reduces pain. One example is our use of sedation dentistry.

Dentures in Sacramento

We never take a cookie-cutter approach to dentures. Each patient opting for dentures benefits from customized appliances. At Eureka Dental Group, we make concerted efforts to get every set of dentures just right. Our team takes pride in the smallest details correct, including:

  • Taking several measurements of the dimensions of the patient’s mouth
  • Acquiring the exact bite shape of the mouth
  • Refining the final set of dentures to enhance the comfort to the patient

We want your dentures to be as functional, comfortable, and visually appealing as possible.

Emergency Dentist in Sacramento

In addition to routine checkups and cleanings, our staff is set up to handle emergency dental situations. If have a broken tooth, an unbearable toothache, or some other dental emergency, do not hesitate to give us a call.

At Eureka Dental Group, we have a team of general dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, hygienists and support staff who work tirelessly to provide superior care to every patient who enters through our doors. We offer transparent services and can work with patients on budgets. If you are seeking a dentist in Sacramento that takes payments, we can help. As a West Sacramento dentist, serve patients in downtown/midtown, east Sacramento, Woodland, Davis and surrounding areas.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

One of the major restorative dental treatments featured at Eureka Dental is full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction differs greatly from smile makeovers because they are medically necessary to regain full oral health. We have successfully performed this style of treatment to address:

  • Missing teeth owing to trauma or decay
  • Fractured or broken teeth
  • Eroded teeth due to tooth grinding or acid
  • Gum disease or receding gums
  • Continuing muscle and jaw pain, or headache

The aim of our full mouth reconstructions centers on restoring a patient’s ability to speak, eat, smile, and live without discomfort.

Root Canals

Upon hearing the phrase “root canal” many have a mental picture of severe discomfort. At Eureka Dental we make root canals easy and painless. Root canals are the opposite of what many imagine. They relieve pain and ultimately lead to strengthening teeth by removing infected tooth material and decay. Our team use the most modern methodologies to perform pain-free root canals.

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