Some dentists might argue that it’s more important to floss your teeth than it is to brush them. The problem is that many people don’t floss correctly, so they’re unable to take advantage of all of the benefits.

Our Roseville family dentist wants you to know these important rules when it comes to flossing you or your child’s teeth:

Wrap and Slide, Not Chop and Cut

The biggest mistake most people make when flossing is to “snap” it up and down between their teeth. This aggressive method can actually harm the gums, rather than help them.

What’s better, is to wrap the floss snuggly around the tooth in a “C” shape. Then, slowly slide it against the side of the tooth down just under the edge of the gums, and back up again. Do this several times, then lift the floss over your papilla (the “point” of gum that sticks up between your teeth) and repeat the process on the adjacent tooth.

Floss Picks, Holders, and Threaders

If you’re wearing braces, have a bridge, or there are other areas that are more challenging to clean, you may need additional flossing aids for cleaning those areas. During your checkup, our Roseville family dental care team will show you the best ones for your particular smile.

What About Water Flossers?

Truly hate flossing? A water flosser is a great substitute. Sure, it can be a little messy. But water flossers clean hard to reach areas and deep gum “pockets” that hold infectious periodontal bacteria. There are even some designs that can mount inside of your shower.

Choose an Age Appropriate Method

Unless your child is old enough to tie her shoes, she probably can’t floss as well as she needs to. Younger children can use a floss pick, as long as you follow up behind them to make sure everything is getting cleaned properly.

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